About competitions

QUTLS provides law students, of every experience level, the opportunity to develop their legal skills, expand their network and explore potential career paths by offering various legal competitions throughout the year.

For many students, participating in competitions is the highlight of their degree. It gives you the chance to put into practice the theoretical knowledge you gather throughout your studies in a real world setting. All competitions are judged by industry professionals or senior students who give you invaluable on-the-spot feedback and advice. On top of this, many graduates attest that competitions forge friendships that last long after you’ve graduated and give your CV the all-important edge that employers are looking for.

Competition winners and runners-up may also be invited to represent the university or Society at external competitions at state and national levels, which provide further opportunities to enhance your skills and grow your networks. The students who go on to competitions like the Jessup Moot held in Washington D.C. and the International Criminal Court Moot held in the Netherlands all started their competitions careers in the QUTLS’ C-Block clashes.

Registrations for competitions open about one month before the competition begins so keep an eye on the QUTLS Facebook page for announcements. 

Also, keep an eye out for the Competitions Guide, which will provide step-by-step detail on what to do and how to do it for each competition.

The 2019 line-up will see a diversity of huge competitions and for the first time we’re including an online competition aimed at giving everyone a chance to compete. We hope to see you (at least) at one of the following: 

Semester 1

Clayton Utz Negotiation (Weeks 4 & 5)

The negotiation focuses on soft skill development and an understanding of advocating for clients outside the formal court process.

Open Moot (AKA Senior Moot – Weeks 7 & 8)

This competition provides a complex commercial litigation problem that invites high achieving students to test their skills against experienced opponents

Ashurst First Year Moot (Weeks 10 & 11)

As the name suggests, this Moot is only open to first-years and is designed to test their Torts knowledge and research skills.

Paper Presentation (Semester 1 Break; 24 June – 8 July)

This competition engages in focused legal research and reasoning, and requires students to write an essay on a contemporary legal topic. Finalists present their paper in front of students and industry professionals.


Grudge Moot (Week 1)

Come watch the winners of First Year Moot battle it out with the winners from UQ in the Banco Court!

MinterEllison Client Interview (Weeks 3 & 4)

This competition develops competitors’ ability to interview clients – one of the most underrated skills in legal practice. It focuses on effective interviewing techniques and requires competitors to ask the right questions at the right time so as to draw out important information and identify legal problems before providing preliminary advice.

Online Moot (Weeks 6 & 7)

The Online Moot is designed to maximise opportunity and exposure to the cohort, particularly external students. It is much like the other moots, except competitors battle it out via an online video connection!

Junior Moot (Weeks 9 & 10)

Junior Moot is more complex than First Year Moot, but less than Open Moot. It is designed to be accessible to all students, which means all students are encouraged to participate.

The above dates are subject to change, however, so to keep up to date with all competitions, like and follow our Facebook page and QUTLS Moot Club Facebook page and check out our Noticeboard.

For any questions regarding competitions, please contact the Competitions Team at competitions@qutlawsociety.com.

Interested in judging?

If you are interested in judging one of our many competitions, please email our Director of Competitions at director.competitions@qutlawsociety.com

Volunteering for Competitions

If you are interested in becoming a timekeeper, mock client, or witness for our competitions, please contact us at competitions@qutlawsociety.com to join our volunteer database.

Winners & Finalists


MINTERELLISON Client Interview Final

  • Winners: Rebecca Sutcliffe, Nicholas Tucker

  • Runner up: Catherine Buglar, Morgan Lynch


  • Winners: Madeleine Stone, Karl Townsend

  • Runner up: Vinicius Rottgering, Renee Kemps, Ashley Knopp

QUTls paper presentation

  • Winner: Catherine Bugler

  • Runner up: Timothy Flanagan


  • QUT Representative Side (Winners):
    Johanna Berry, Catherine Bugler, Astrid Easton


  • Winners: Catherine Bugler, Astrid Easton

  • Runner Up: Maggie Wu, Morgan Lynch

Clayton utz first year moot

  • Winners: Johanna Berry, Catherine Bugler, Astrid Easton

  • Runner Up: Caitlin Withers, Emily Bartels


QUT PLT Witness Examination Final

  • Winner: Peter Blake-Segovia

  • Runner up: Thomas Feeney

MINTERELLISON Client Interview Final

  • Winners: Dominic Bilton-Philip, Matt Adams

  • Runner up: Zane Jhetam, Rana Lateef

King & Wood Mallesons Senior Moot Final

  • Winners: Jacob Briggs, Thomas Feeney

  • Runner up: Patrick Johnson, Kate Archibald

Clayton utz NEGOTIATION final

  • Winners: Erin Laird, Lauren Trickey

  • Runner Up: Madeleine Jones, Zak Cassels

ASHURST First Year Moot final

  • Winners: Ahana Shetty, Christie Sebastian

  • Runner up: Ellie Geurts, Jack Jacques-Shaw, Nick Powys

Junior Moot Final

  • Winners: Vinicius Rottgering, Renee Kemps

  • Runner up: Cassandra Grey, Rynan Minuiti, Nam Doan


QUT PLT Witness Examination Final

  • Winner: Luke Richmond

  • Runner up: Christian Jeffrey

QUT PLT Client Interview Final

  • Winners: Jake Stacey, Tom Menzler

  • Runner up: Maddison Dantu-Hann, Jordan Smith

King & Wood Mallesons Senior Moot Final

  • Winners: Helen Driscoll, Erin Laird, Laura Falkner

  • Runner up: Alexander Neilson, Thomas Feeney

Herbert Smith Freehills Junior Moot Final

  • Winners: Annabel Phelan, Taylor Thomas, Saskia Gude

  • Runner up: Geordie Sargeant, Liam Ross, Georgia Morrison

Clayton utz NEGOTIATION final

  • Winners: Courtney Brown, Andrew Gray

  • Runner Up: Tamara Moretto, Peter Jew

Ashurst commercial arbitration final

  • Winners: Anastasia Stoenko, Tristan Hall (best speaker)

  • Runner up: Kate Archibald, Thomas Feeney

QUTLS First Year Moot final

  • Winners: Calum Thwaites, Liam Ross

  • Runner up: Tobias Hill, Adam Caldwell

Herbert Smith Freehills Paper Presentation Final

  • Winner: Rebecca Humphries

  • Second place: Tristan Hall

  • Third place: Yale Choi