Constitution & By-laws

The QUT Law Society is an incorporated association governed by the terms of our Constitution and By-Laws.

Click here to download the QUT Law Society Constitution as at 24 September 2018.

Click here to view the QUT Law Society By-Laws as at 5 February 2019.

For more information, email our Secretary at  


The QUT Law SocietyInc. (QUTLS) would like to announce its annual AGM and Election to be held on Sunday 6 October 2019. We invite all QUT law students and members to attend.

The Annual General Meeting will start at 10:00am. From 10:00am until 11:00am, the business will be:

• QUTLS providing a summary of portfolio reports and the year that has gone by;

• The ratification of the 2018-2019 financials; and

• Taking general queries from the attending Members.

The election will begin at 12:00pm. We estimate this to take approximately 3-4 hours.
Associate members* are encouraged to apply to be elected as a member of the QUTLS committee in 2020. The available positions and role descriptions may be found in the QUTLS By-Laws located here.

(* Associate Member is defined in the QUTLS Constitution)

Candidate nominations open at 9:00am Sunday 22 September and close 5:00pm Monday 30 September 2019. You may nominate for up to three positions and should choose which is most preferred to least preferred. Nomination is open for all positions excluding Photographer, Videographer and Design Officer on the QUTLS Committee.

If you are interested in the Photographer, Videographer, or Design Officer roles, we will be providing information on the application process for 2020 in due course.

Please monitor our social media pages over the next few weeks.

Want to know what your desired role is like? Have a look at the address book and contact the people in the respective roles:


The nomination form may be found here:

All candidates will be required to provide a suitability statement as part of their nomination. These will be published on our Facebook page and Website 5 days prior to the election.


To vote, you MUST ATTEND the election (which commences at 12:00pm). Details will be taken of every attendee. If you have not arrived in ample time, you will be barred from voting. Each person will be provided a randomised voting key to vote via the program, Election Buddy. You will be provided with details about using this key on the election date.

Voting is preferential. Your voting form will be invalidated if you fail to complete any component of it.


You must be a QUTLS Associate Member.  Please see rule 6 of the QUTLS Constitution. This means you must (a) hold a QUTLS issued L Card; and (b) be currently enrolled in a QUT Law Degree. If you intend to graduate in 2019, you must disclose this fact during the election; and undertake to complete PLT during whatever component of your term remains after graduation.

You agree to abide by the QUTLS Constitution and QUTLS By-Laws:

In particular, please pay close attention to the election rules in Part 2 of the QUTLS Constitution (campaigning which includes campaigning by a candidate or their supporters, fraudulent statements and stacking is strictly prohibited).

These conditions will be enforced strictly by the Returning Officers. Penalties for failing to comply with Part 2 may include a warning, removal from the election room or disqualification from the election.


Election results will be announced at the QUTLS Law Dinner on 12 October

Like and follow our Facebook page for updates on the election.

In the meantime, if you have any questions concerning the election process, please contact the Returning Officers using